Downloading Apps

Figuring out how to download apps can be tough for anyone. However, your knowledge can help older people do the things we take for granted – like using apps to personalize our device and make it our own.

Downloading Apps

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Teaching Instagram

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20 minutes

Have you ever stopped to consider how Instagram keeps you connected with the people you care about? You get to see what your friends are up to and share what your life is all about through images and videos. Your knowledge about social apps like Instagram can help the older generation do that same thing with the people they care about .

Step 1:

Set Up an Account


Have them think of a username and password. Choose a password that’s memorable, but not obvious (e.g. old street address mixed with their first pet’s name). Make sure they write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

Profile photo

Have them edit their user profile with relevant information so their friends and family members can recognize them.


Take a photo of them and help them upload it to their user profile.

Step 2:

Set Up Privacy and Other Settings


Explain the difference between the public and private settings on Instagram. Talk through what things they want to share and what they don’t as you help arrange the privacy settings.

Privacy settings

Show them how to get to their privacy settings in case they want to modify them later.

Social network

Help them set up their account to link to their other social networks.

Step 3:

Teach the Basics

Instagram explore

Show them the Explore tab within Instagram and have them scroll through the suggested photos.


Help them use the search feature to find Instagram users they know by name and add them.


Help them use the search feature to find Instagram accounts that might interest them according to hashtags.

Step 4:

Practice With Them

Scroll hand

Scroll through their feed and show them how to like and comment on photos. Find some feeds/accounts that are relevant to their interests.


Help them take a picture/video, add a filter and/or frame, write a caption, and tag people.

Ios share

Show them how to share a picture/video they post to Facebook, Twitter, etc. so more people can see their content.

Additional Resources

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