Learning Facebook

Staying connected is very important to the older generation. And Facebook can help them do just that. Taking just a few minutes to show someone around Facebook can provide hours of enjoyment as they reconnect with friends and family.

Learning Facebook

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Teaching Facebook

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More older people are connecting with their friends and family every day on Facebook. In fact, the 50+ crowd is one of the fastest-growing demographics on the social platform. Helping older people find their way around Facebook can help them re-connect with old friends, stay in touch with family members and feel more a part of their community.

Step 1:

Set Up a Facebook Account


Help them sign up using their email address. Pick a password that is memorable, but not obvious (e.g., old street address mixed with their first pet’s name). Remind them to keep the information somewhere safe.


Update the About Me section to reflect their education, family members, and more.

Profile photo

Help them change their profile picture to a funny selfie or a family photo.

Step 2:

Teach the Basics

Facebook timeline

Explain their Timeline and show how it is a mix of their friends’ status updates, photos, etc.

Draft status

Show them how to post a status update or upload a photo right from their Timeline.

Facebook like

Explain how to interact with others’ status updates by liking or commenting.

Step 3:

Practice, Practice, Practice


Help them do a search using the Search bar at the top. Search for friends or family members and show them how to add people as friends.


Practice posting a few status updates. Vary the kind of content, such as just text in one and a photo/video in another.


Show them how to tag their friends/family members in a status or in a photo. Explain how this helps you interact with the people you know on Facebook.

Additional Resources

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