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Event Preparation

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Setting Up an Email Account

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10 minutes


45 minutes–1 hour


As needed

Using email might seem like second nature to you but for older people, it can be a struggle to use email to stay connected to the world around them. You can use your email skills to help people 50+ stay in touch with family and friends, look for a job, or keep their lives organized.

Step 1:

Set Up an Account


Help create an email account on whatever system you’re most familiar with. Help them enter their information.


Help pick a password that is memorable but not too obvious. Remind them to keep the information somewhere safe.


Once logged in, help them add some contacts. Find addresses of family and friends and add them into the contacts list.

Step 2:

Teach the Basics

Compose email

Help them compose an email to a friend or family member. Take them through all the basic fields: address, subject, and the body of the email.


Show them how to change formatting like colors, fonts and size, and how to bold or underline text.

Attach photo

Demonstrate how to attach an image or gif into an email. How about using a funny photo you took on Instagram or posted on Facebook?

Step 3:

Review More Advanced Features

Draft email

Explain what a “draft” email is and how they can access their drafts later. Some email systems automatically save drafts, so be sure to point out this feature if it’s available.


Show them how to delete an email, find it in the trash, then move it back into the inbox. If you’re on a smartphone, practice doing that on the phone, too.


If you’re using an email system with a chat component, have them practice chatting with friends and family after you’ve set up contacts. If no one else is online, practice chatting with each other.

Additional Resources

For more resources on teaching older adults to use technology, check out these sites:

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Need help?

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