Learning Twitter

Twitter is a super-easy way for the older generation to keep in touch with a bunch of people at once – to let them know they’re ok, what they’re doing, and just keep up with family and friends. If you’re a Twitter expert, share your knowledge with those who want it most.

Learning Twitter

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Teaching Twitter

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Think back to a time when you didn’t use Twitter. It’s hard, right? Well, older people can remember years of writing letters and reading newspapers to stay in touch and learn the news. Now it’s time to show them how they can use Twitter to do these things in a new way! Tap into your knowledge to help older people set up and practice using a Twitter account.

Step 1:

Set Up a Twitter Account

Twitter handle

Have them choose a Twitter handle! Making it a combination of a person’s first and last name is common practice.


Help them think of a password that’s memorable but not obvious (e.g. old street address mixed with a first pet’s name). Remind them to write it down and keep the information somewhere safe.

Profile photo

Show them their Twitter page. Help them upload a profile picture, edit the 160-character Twitter bio, and change the background/colors for personal preference.

Step 2:

Explain the Basics


Explain the feed and what “following” people means. Help them follow accounts of friends, family members, and organizations they love.

Direct message

Teach them about direct messages and where to go to find their inbox. Explain that to send a direct message, the person they’re contacting must follow them.

Step 3:

Practice, Practice, Practice


Help them draft their own tweet. Explain the 140 character limit and show them shortcuts for making sure they stay within the limit.

Draft email

Practice writing a tweet and tagging another user to demonstrate how to interact with others. For example, tag @MentorUp in a practice tweet.


Help them practice adding a photo to a tweet, then tagging their Twitter contacts in the photo. Tag @MentorUp in a photo practice tweet.

Additional Resources

For more resources on teaching older adults to use technology, check out these sites:

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Need help?

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