Taking a Photo

Imagine if you couldn’t take photos and share them with your friends. If you know an older person with a smartphone, teaching them how to take and share photos can help them connect with friends and family members, too.

Taking a Photo

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Teaching Video Chat

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Remember the experience of your first video chat? Seeing someone face-to-face while you're talking long distance is a cool experience. And teaching older people how to video chat can help them feel more connected. There are a lot of different video chat apps: Skype, FaceTime, etc. Use the one that you feel most comfortable with. Not all apps are the same, but the same basic features will apply.

Step 1:

Set Up an Account

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Show them how to create an account on whichever app you’re using.

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Help them choose a username and password that are memorable but not obvious (e.g. old street address mixed with the first pet’s name). Remind them to write it down and keep the information somewhere safe.

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Show them how to edit their profile so it will be recognized by friends and family. Change the background image and upload a recent photo.

Contacts mu blue

Help them add friends and family members to the contact list.

Step 2:

Teach the Basics

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Show them how to select someone to call from the contacts list. Start and conduct a video chat then show them how to end it.

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Show them how to make a voice-only call if the other person doesn’t have a webcam.

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Teach them to use the instant messaging feature to chat without calling.

Group chat mu blue

Show them how to use the group chat function to talk via video or messaging to multiple people at once.

Additional Resources

For more resources on teaching older adults to use technology, check out these sites:

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